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Extract chords from a MIDI file and play!

Ever wanted to play along to your favourite piece of music, but don't have the musical skills to do it? Well, now you can!

Just find a MIDI file on the internet (there are over 100,000 of them out there, covering just about every piece of music ever written). Then let Chord Cadenza find the chords, which it will use to help you play alongside the MIDI file or an equivalent MP3 file using your MIDI or PC keyboard.


Chord Cadenza is a free (open source) app that helps you to play and improvise chords whilst a MIDI file or audio source is being played. It does this by updating a rolling display to map the chord notes to a piano keyboard. It can also dynamically assign notes or chords to keys on a MIDI or PC keyboard.

Synchronisation is achieved automatically from a MIDI file. An audio file (e.g. MP3) can also be synchronized and saved using the program. You can also play along to any audio source (e.g. internet stream or other musicians) and synchronise as you go along.

Chords and major/minor keys can be extracted from the MIDI file using a configurable tool that analyzes the MIDI file. Chords, keys, and time signatures can also be created or updated manually - this allows you to play along with an audio source without requiring a MIDI file.

The program contains a sequencer-style display that can be used to control the volume, panning, muting, solo'ing and patching of the tracks of the MIDI file.

Audio can be rendered with the program's builtin synthesizer (using SoundFonts), or an external synthesizer (using the program's MIDI output).

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